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Differential marketing is a strategy opposed to competitive convergence mainly characterized by seeking development in differences. Therefore, marketing of agricultural products dominated by rural cooperative economic organizations has an important practical role. Taking Manas County in Xinjiang Province as an example, agricultural marketing system dominated by rural cooperative economic organizations develops rapidly, mainly reflected in ① constructing agriculture industry association based on characteristic industry and superior industry ② establishing professional economic association, ③ setting up professional technique research association based on scientific research institutes and institutions of higher educations, ④ forming professional cooperatives based on grass-roots supply and marketing departments. However, there are still some problems, and differential marketing of agricultural products can improve the cohesion of rural cooperative economic organizations. Four aspects should be paid attention to during the concrete strategy application of differential marketing of agricultural products, which are precisely making target market positioning, promoting pollution-free agricultural products, perfecting benefit affiliating mechanism, and improving information service level.


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