According to the statistical data of Shandong Province from 1990 to 2006, we use the method of statistical analysis to analyze the dynamic relationship between the cultivated land change and the population and economic development in recent 17 years. We establish the regression model for the research on the correlation among cultivated land change, population, GDP and per capita GDP. Result shows that the cultivated land area in Shandong Province experienced three stages from slow decrease, sharp decrease to slight decrease in 1990-2006, and the per capita area of cultivated land had been decreasing gradually during the 17 years. There are significant correlation among the cultivated land area, population and per capita GDP in Shandong Province, and they can be well described by the linear regression model. The regional differences of cultivated land change in Shandong Province are significant. With the development of economic development level, the cultivated land area occupied by increasing unit economic aggregate is gradually decreasing.


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