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Mushrooms are one of the organisms the nature that have a great capacity to adapt and develop in different weather conditions and in different agricultural environments. Mushrooms also make an important contribution to the satisfaction of some human necessities by the input of nutritional and medicinal products due to a wide diversity of properties that they posses. In addition, its production generates incomes and employment, for these reasons, the farming of mushrooms is a very important activity socially, economical and ecologically. In Yucatán, the farming of the mushroom “Pleurotus ostreatus “represents an option for the sustainable development of poor rural communities. Based on the previous assumptions, the objective of the present work was to describe the consumption of mushrooms in the city of Mérida, Yucatán, México, through the perspective of two types of retailers: supermarkets and restaurants. The information could be used to facilitate successful access to the market for the mushroom producers. A cross-sectional descriptive study with a quantitative approach was done, in which the sample was formed by 15 supermarkets and 28 restaurants. The techniques of direct observation and interview were used. Based on the obtained result, which concludes that the acceptance of the mushroom “pleurotus ostreatus” is growing among the yucatecan population and represents a good option for the sustainable development of the small producers.


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