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Content : (1) Scoppola, Margherita. "Regional Integration and Production Location: What Theories (Do Not) Tell Us." (pp. 117-140); (2) Hendricks, Nathan P., and Lawton Lanier Nalley. "Who Benefits from Global Agricultural Trade Liberalization? The Case of Wheat and Maize." (pp. 141-158); (3) Wilson, William W., and Scott R. Huso. "Impacts of a Genetically Modified Fusarium Resistant Trait on Conventional Fungicide Prices and Demand." (pp. 159-176); (4) Rude, James, Derek Brewin, and Martin White. "Third Country Effects of Price Discrimination: The Case of the Canadian Wheat Board." (pp. 177-196); (5) Babula, Ronald A., and Lund Mogens. "The Emergence of U.S. Demand for Pork as an Input: Applying the Cointegrated Vector Autoregression Model to U.S. Pork-Based Markets." (pp. 197-216); (6) Muhammad, Andrew. "The Role of Imports for Re-Exports Program (IREP) in Determining Canadian Demand for Imported Cheese: Implications for U.S. Exports." (pp. 217-230); (7) Wheatley, W. Parker, and Terry L. Roe. "The Effects of the Internet on U.S. Bilateral Agricultural Trade." (pp. 231-254); (8) Anania, Giovanni. "The 2006 Reform of the EU Domestic Policy Regime for Bananas: An Assessment of Its Impact on Trade." (pp. 255-272); (9) Bamba, Ibrahim, Michael Reed, and Sayed Saghaian. "Monetary Policy Impacts on Coffee and Cocoa Prices." (pp. 273-291)


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