Table of Contents: (1) Lobb, A.E., and R.W. Fraser. "Implications of Recent Australian Wheat Industry Developments for Domestic and Overseas Prices." (pp. 93-108); (2) Grethe, Harald, Stephan Nolte, and Stephan Tangerman. "Evolution, Current State and Future of EU Trade Preferences for Agricultural Products for North-African and Near-East Countries." (pp. 109-134); (3) Poosiripinyo, Rangsit and Michael Reed. "Measuring Market Power in the Japanese Chicken Market." (pp. 135-148); (4) Ramirez, Andrew, Mark R. Manfredo, and Dwight R. Sanders. "Revenue Insurance for Spanish Wine Grapes." (pp. 149-168); (5) Reeder, John, Ronald A. Babula, Cathy L. Jabara, and Jillian L Torene. "Effects of Two Non-U.S. Regional Trade Pacts on the Venezuelan Soy Products Trade and U.S. Exports." (pp. 169-197)


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