The Common Agricultural Policy of the EU has been a dominant factor in the development of the Hungarian agricultural economy for several years; and it will continue to be in the years to come. CAP is in a state of continuous change; it is constantly being reformed and developed. In relation to this, the common budget of the enlarged European Union should cover the finances of the existing Community policies, and meet the criteria of enhancing competitiveness. To arrive at this balance is a great challenge for the EU. At the same time, maintaining a common financing policy in the long term is of special interest to Hungary. To maintain a suitable level of Community preference (import protection) is also important for us, because European requirements on food quality, environment and animal health are stricter than those prescribed by international partners. Our market must be defended from products appearing on the globalized market that are of uncertain origin, of poor quality and do not meet all food safety rules. When working on the further development of CAP or on the shaping of Hungarian agricultural policy, we have to reach a certain harmony, to realise the synergy of economic, environmental, social and rural development functions of agriculture.


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