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000044068 245__ $$aEnhancing the integration of agri-food supply chains: theoretical issues and practical challenges in the UK malting barley supply chain
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000044068 520__ $$aThe purpose of this paper is to explore the
issues that may affect the integration (i.e., the
relationships) between the different actors that comprise
a supply chain. Whist the theoretical part of the paper
can be referred to any supply chain, the empirical part
is focused on the UK barley to beer supply chain. The
main motivation behind the topic is that improvements
in the relationships amongst the different segments of a
chain can enhance its efficiency and effectiveness, (e.g.,
through improvements in coordination and
cooperation), and therefore, its competitiveness and long
term sustainability. The paper is based on two
complementary analyses: the first one consisted of a
structural equation model (SEM) to determine those
factors that affect the sustainability of relationships in
the chain. The model is estimated based on a survey of
69 chain stakeholders. The second analysis comprised an
in-depth case study based on an important malting-barley-
to-beer supply chain in Eastern England, and
had the purpose of providing further understanding of
those aspects that were highlighted by the SEM. The
overall results pointed out to five factors affecting the
relationships in the malting barley to beer agri-food
supply chain: communication, compatibility of aims in
the supply chain, contractual relationships backed by
professional regard and personal bonds; high levels of
trust exist between the chain participants and a
willingness to resolve any problems; and commercial
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