Our goal, in this research, was to describe the perception of the image of a supermarket of the city of Belo Horizonte for its consumers. Studies regarding the image in the marketing environment and in special in the retail market, already come being carried through since the last half of century XX. In its theoretical base are evidenced the main authors who study the retail market and also bring the theoretical contribution of the relation of the image and organization, starting from the classic article written for Pierre Martineau “The personality of the Retail Store”. It presents a descriptive research carried through questions structuralized and halfstructuralized the consumers of a supermarket, for verification of the perception of the image of this supermarket. The presented results demonstrate that the intrinsic aspects to the organization can influence the behavior of its consumers and that these aspects must be seen as a differential of market to be explored in this segment of the food retail. In the conclusion, the final consideration on the accomplished research and the suggestions about the reached results of research are presented.


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