In the agricultural, the activities of technologies diffusion have the purpose to provide the farmers with knowledge that can adapt, transform or maximize the found factors of production, generally, with the purpose to improve the conditions of life of these people. In this direction, the SEBRAE/SP offers a program destined to the management qualification of agricultural farmers that have a differentiated methodology, what contribution to the rural sector, and the professional behavior. Thus, the objective of this work was to develop a explore research on the “Programa Capacitação Rural”-SEBRAE/SP that allowed to understand the development actions and to characterize its participants and farmers. Were did consults to documents of the SEBRAE/SP, and attendance in 24 actions of diffusion, applying 457 questionnaires to identify the participants. The information were tabulated, and submitted to correspondence analysis. The results indicated that the program deal directly with the change of behaviors and attitudes of the agricultural farmers. Between the participants, only 56.32% were the agricultural work in you principal occupation, and the 30.45% presented the college. Farmers, in its majority, were men (71.09%), with 31-45age. The people with less than school correspond that participants whit agricultural works in your occupation, and between agricultural farmers, those small farmers. The principal participants will be with more difficulty in knowledge the contents programmatic


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