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In the last years sanitation companies have restrained their investments, not just due to the fact that the necessary resources of the sector exceed by far the classic possibilities of the national budgets financing, but also due to the fact that the traditional solution of external financings have their restrictions. It is also observed that the charges of tariffs, not considering the cost of the services done, have caused imbalances which also represent subsidized allocation of resources, mainly to private sector. From the application of two distinct methodologies - the long-term marginal cost and the contingent valuation method, this article has aimed to present tariff values to be charged from users of the Water Reuse of the Industrial District of Fortaleza Project. The amounts found have been established for all alternative systems of water reuse. The alternatives 1 and 3 were the only ones which obtained a cost per m3 next to the values in use in other transport system, as well as of the disposition values to pay. This confirms that the results come to answers the interests of the users for the project, once the charged tariff ranges within the limits of accomplishment of the their industrial costs.


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