This article aims to study the implications that result from the purpose differences between the biodynamic rice producer systems and the industry of this product in the filière structure. The theoretical approach includes system comprehension and the company vision in the systemic approach, while focusing on the purpose of productive systems according to three possible axles: economic, financial and social. An approach on filière helps in the visualization of the impacts the purpose that system differences studied have on the supplying and industrialization structure of biodynamic rice. A descriptive-comparative research was undertaken based on primary data obtained with the companies and through interviews with owners and managers contacted and on secondary data obtained in the websites available on the internet. The main results indicate that the differences of finality among two component links of the filière under observation had caused a change in the filière structure, with the vertical stage integration for industrialization and distribution by the biodynamic rice producer, aiming to accomplish the main purposes, who has started coordinating part of the filière.


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