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000043501 245__ $$aConsumer Willingness to Pay for "Second-Generation" Genetically Engineered Products and the Role of Marketing Information
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000043501 520__ $$aEnvironmental and consumer groups have called for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food products in the United States, stating that consumers have the “right to know.”  Herein, we use a nonhypothetical field experiment to examine the willingness to pay for GE-labeled products, using the only second-generation GE product currently on the U.S. market-GE cigarettes.  Our results suggest consumers pay less for GE-labeled cigarettes when marketing information is absent.  But, when presented with marketing information on the attributes of the cigarette, we find no evidence that consumers pay less for GE-labeled cigarettes.
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000043501 700__ $$aMonchuk, Daniel C.
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