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Given that the fast transformations occurred in national and international scenery point out to a necessity of gain of efficiency to increase in competitiveness to the firms, the environment which into they are and into they develop, assume a vital importance as been the supporter foundation of this development. For this environment can be understood as the process of space concentration of many correlative segments of a production chain, also called as clusterization process, which this special conformation gives to the firms special conditions to develops the superior competitive advantages than the others firms isolated. In this sense, this paper aim to arise how occurs the process of conformation of a big cluster, culminating in satisfaction of ten basic conditions described by Zaccarelli (1995), that gives to firms into them a advantageous competitive position in market. As the subject of study was focused on Bastos’ Eggs’ Agribusiness Chain which it been highly competitive in the national market of this product.


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