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Opening Message, by Leonard Q. Montemayor Opening Address, by Sang Mu Lee Opening Address, by Eiji Ueno Opening Address, by Takahiro Inoue Opening Address, by Nobuyoshi Maeno Rationale, Objectives, and Benefits of the Joint Workshop, by Rogelio N. Concepcion and Shigeki Yokoyama Assessing the Impacts of Climate Variability on Crop Production, and Developing Coping Strategies in Rainfed Agriculture, by Felino P. Lansigan Seasonal Climate Forecasts and Decision Support Systems for Drought Prone Agriculture: A Case Study Based on the Development and Application of the Rainman Climate Analysis Software, by Jeff F. Clewett Early Warning System against Cool Summer Damage: Case of Northern Japan, by Masaharu Yajima ELNINO Project Regional Study Outline of the Research Project, "Stabilization of Upland Agriculture and Rural Development in El Nino Vulnerable Countries (ELNINO)", by Shigeki Yokoyama ENSO Impacts on Food Crop Production and the Role of CGPRT Crops in Asia and the Pacific, by Shigeki Yokoyama ELNINO Project Country Report Impact of El Nino 1997/98 and Mitigation Measures: Case of Lampung-Indonesia, by Bambang Irawan Comments on the Indonesian Country Report, by Nizwar Syafa'at El Nino Induced Climate Change and Malaysian Agriculture: Impact Assessment and Coping Mechanisms, by Ariffin Tawang and Tengku Ariff Tengku Ahmad Comments on the Malaysian Country Report with Specific Reference to the Muda Irrigation Project Area, by Wong Hin Soon Indigenous Drought Coping Strategies and Risk Management in Papua New Guinea, by Sergie K. Bang and Kud Sitango Comments on the Papua New Guinea Country Report: Stabilization of Upland Agriculture and Rural Development in El Nino Vulnerable Papua New Guinea, by R.D. Ghodake Coping Strategies against El Nino: the Case of Selected Communities in Talugtug, Nueva Ecija, the Philippines, by Florentino C. Monsalud, Jaime G. Montesur, Rene L. Limosinero Comments on the Philippines Country Report, by Albert P. Aquino Stabilization of Upland Agriculture and Rural Development in El Nino Vulnerable Countries: Thailand's Case, by Thamrong Mekhora Comments on the Thailand Country Report, by Wirat Krasachat Closing Remarks, by Kiran Pyakuryal


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