Foreword, Introduction, Integrated Database Management for Agricultural Planning and Research, by J.W.T. Bottema; Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems, by Gary Timoshenko; Access Relational Database Management System, by Terry van Druemel, Hasrat Madiadipura, Muhamad Arif and Gary Timoshenko; Geographic Information Systems: An Overview, by Mohammad A.T. Chowdhury; Geographical Information Systems: MapInfo, by Muhamad Arif, Siemon Hollema and Mohammad Chowdhury; Sets: An Approach to Decision-Making and Conceptualization, by J.W.T. Bottema and Mohammad A.T Chowdhury; Introduction to Spreadsheets, Gary Timoshenko; Elementary Statistical Methods for Agricultural Research, by Siemon Hollema; Linear Programming and Multiple Goal Linear Programming for Agricultural Planning, by Siemon Hollema; Mathematical Programming in GAMS: A Course Manual for Agricultural Planning, by Siemon Hollema


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