A sample survey of 74 commercial dairy farmers was conducted between November 2002 and February 2003 in three Zobatat (zones) of Eritrea to identify factors that affect the adoption of livestock insurance. The results of a logit model indicate that formal education of the farmer and the farmer's awareness of livestock insurance increase the probability of insurance adoption, whereas farming experience, poor location and use of alternative risk management strategies, such as off-farm investments and farm enterprise diversification, reduce the probability of livestock insurance adoption. Further insight into the factors influencing farmers' adoption of livestock insurance may assist policy makers and the National Insurance Corporation of Eritrea in their future plans. Results of this study have some policy implications, such as the need for a variable rather than fixed insurance premium, improving the know-how of farmers concerning risk assessment, improving Zobatat' infrastructure and a need of a thorough study to be conducted on the demand for agricultural insurance in Eritrea.


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