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Through field sampling survey of 18 villages over coal resources in 3 townships and towns in Zezhou County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, this paper analyzed the favorable conditions and obstacles for villages over coal resources to carry out farmland scale management. On this basis, combined with the integrated land consolidation measures in villages over coal resources and their effectiveness, and using the principles of system dynamics, it studied the coupling relationship between integrated land consolidation in villages over coal resources and farmland scale management and built a coupling model. It found that the integrated land consolidation system of villages over coal resources has a coupling relationship with the external and internal conditions of the farmland scale management system at the regional and project scales. The two systems interact with and influence each other through the "bridge" of "agricultural modernization condition”. The study indicates that at the same time of integrated land consolidation of villages over coal resources caring about the improvement of internal conditions, it is also necessary to improve the external conditions of farmland scale management through regional scale measures such as laws and policies, to support the implementation of land consolidation projects, and realize farmland scale management.


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