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Excerpts from the report Introduction: Aerial photographs acquired and used by the Department of Agriculture to administer farm programs are widely used by other government agencies and the public for various purposes. The Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) of the Department maintains airphoto coverage of practically all U.S. cropland. In fiscal 1966, the ASCS produced nearly 1,157,000 photoprints and distributed 46 percent of them to other Federal agencies, 40 percent to non-Federal customers, and the remainder to ASCS offices. What follows is a presentation of the nature and extent of non-Federal uses of ASCS airphotos by number and size of photos ordered and by type of customer. Also included are sections on customer opinions of phototone, photoresolution, and imagery age, on the number of airphotos acquired from other sources, and on why ASCS photography was not used.


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