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The circulation of rural land is helpful to improving the allocation efficiency of land resources, increasing farmers' income and promoting the development of modern agriculture. In this paper, we used the social economy, the main participants and the market environment of rural land circulation to make a qualitative analysis for the factor of rural land internal circulation. With the aid of principal component analysis, grey correlation model, and other methods to make a quantitative analysis for the factor of rural land internal circulation. The results show that the grey correlation degrees of the output value of secondary and tertiary industries as a proportion of GDP, the expenditure on science and education per capita, the expenditure on financial support for agriculture, the proportion of non-agricultural population and the standardization of rural land circulation contracts are 0.898 8, 0.838 2, 0.763 2 and 0.757 6 respectively, indicating that these factors are significantly related to the rural internal land circulation market.


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