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For a long time, the development model of traditional rice planting industry has been single, linear, and focusing on production first and then market. However, with the low price of rice, such problems as slow technological upgrading, meager profits, and unstable rice quality in the primary industry planting units and farmers have become increasingly prominent. The integration and development of the rural primary, secondary, and tertiary industries and industrial integration have the same root. They are integrated industrial development based on technological or model innovation, vertical and horizontal integration. Three agricultural leading companies (Nanjing Tianwei Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing CHYKINGYOUNG Biological Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Jingshan Eco-organic Agriculture Co., Ltd.) established an industrialization complex, and used their respective technical, operational, and market advantages to integrate and form a rice contract farming 1 + 3 + X model. This model effectively integrates scattered rice planting, rice processing, and rice sales in Nanjing City of Jiangsu Province, and Chuzhou City of Anhui Province, and unifies planting regulations and supply of production materials, safeguards the supply of green and high-quality rice and realizes high quality and high price. In addition, it integrates farmers into the entire industrial chain of contract farming, summons up the production enthusiasm of farmers and greatly increases their income from planting production.


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