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Discussions of Exploring “41635” Potential of Food for More than 400 Million People through Developing “Fenlong Agriculture” Benhui WEI* This paper discussed exploring “41635” potential of food for more than 400 million people through developing “Fenlong Agriculture” in China. It clarifies that "5.0 Fenlong Technology" is composed of "drill type Fenlong tillage tools + Fenlong farming technology + Fenlong crop cultivation technology standards", and has coupling and interaction "common key technologies in agricultural production, resource utilization and ecological improvement, and "Great Science” connotation and characteristics, the yield increase rate for 40 kinds of crops in 26 provinces in China reached 10%-150%. China uses "5.0" Fenlong Technology” to develop "Fenlong agriculture” to implement the optimization and transformation of 67 million ha of cultivated land, 13 million ha of saline-alkali land, and 67 million ha of degraded grassland and related farming systems, excavating its new round of multiple activations and increasing the huge concentration of "gifted resources" such as soil, water, gas, temperature and light, develop "five systems", "big pattern", "rainfed and environment-friendly" and other types of Fenlong agriculture, so as to increase food, meat, fish and other food sources to feed 400 million people every year, increase natural soil storage by 100 billion m3, reduce groundwater collection by 60 billion m3, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by more than 30%, the comprehensive benefits including yield increase, quality improvement, water saving, chemical fertilizer reduction, ecological protection, and disaster reduction can increase by more than 50% (these are 41635 potential), to realize the objective that a place can feed its people by its own resources.


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