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Excerpts from the report Introduction: This study supplements a previous survey on men's clothing preferences made by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. The first report dealt with men's preferences for business shirts, summer sport shirts, wool shirts, extra trousers, socks, summer suits, underwear, pajamas, robes, and raincoats. The present report deals only with year-round suits, sports jackets, topcoats and overcoats, and also differs from the former in the design of the questionnaire and the types of analysis. In order to meet the objective of a study of motivations the questions in the schedule dealt with actual experiences in suit buying, that is, what men did and had in mind when they bought their newest suits, or, if they owned sports jackets, how they happened to start wearing them. In addition to data on ownership and the conventional coding of preferences and explanations, the goals or values men thought they could attain through suits were explored through the content analysis method. Preferences for suitings of different grade wools were established through use of the method of paired comparisons.


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