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Excerpts from the report Summary: Sprinkler irrigation in both the high- and low-rainfall areas of the Pacific Northwest has expanded rapidly in recent years. This report provides information on costs of sprinkler-irrigation systems as they relate to crops and climate and to design and operation. The purpose of the study reported here was to learn the physical conditions under which use of sprinklers is most satisfactory, and to ascertain the economic advantages or disadvantages of their use under various conditions. However, little information has been available so far on the economics of sprinkler irrigation -- the costs of operating sprinkler systems, the factors that affect costs, the labor requirements, or the variations in costs caused by different designs and methods of operation. To provide information of this type and to relate it properly to existing conditions and technical differences in design, early in 1949 several research agencies in agriculture pooled their resources to make a cooperative study of the economic phases of sprinkler irrigation in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.


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