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Excerpts from the report Introduction: The supplies of clothing people have and how ownership differs among low- and high-income families, young and old, urban and rural, are facts that have long been sought by economists, businessmen, teachers, and research workers. Clothing inventory and purchase data from the owners themselves show the end use of some of our principal agricultural products. During World War II we realized the great need for such data in planning production programs for apparel and shoes. In peacetime they indicate where markets might be expanded. Teachers and others who work with families also need information on clothing supplies of various family members in developing educational and guidance programs and in planning space requirements and space in housing. Reported here are survey data on clothing inventories, and the amounts of clothing purchased, made at home, or acquired in other ways. The basic data were obtained in three surveys, in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.; Birmingham, Ala.; and Meeker and Wright Counties, Minn.


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