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Excerpts from the report Summary: The study reported here is one of a series of related studies made in different type-of-farming areas. This study was made to analyze the experiences of farmers of the Eastern Dairy Area of Wisconsin in the use of electricity and electrical equipment. Their experiences provide an indication of the extent to which farmers may install electrical equipment within the next few years. The study area contains 19 counties with 54,388 farms. Of these farms, 52,482 had electric service from a powerline, according to the Census of 1950. The "typical" farm in the area at the time of the study was a 129-acre, 19-cow dairy farm, operated by one family. The field survey was made in August 1950. Records were obtained from 406 farms. Of these, 308 were classified as dairy farms, 26 as other commercial farms, and 72 as noncommercial farms. In 1949, average consumption of electricity per farm in the survey was 4,233 kilowatt-hours. This was 238 percent more than the average of 1,252 kilowatt-hours for 1940.


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