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Excerpts from the report Summary: Within a comparatively short time, farming in this country has been transformed into a mechanized and complex business. Mechanization has enabled farmers to increase their cultivated acreages; but it has also increased the number of accidental injuries. This makes farmers more liable to lawsuits by employees who are injured. More automobiles and motortrucks on farms, more hard surfaced roads, and the greater need for going into town to transact business and to buy the necessities that are no longer produced on today's specialized farms, have increased a farmer's chances of becoming involved in traffic accidents. Moreover, farmers, as well as others, are subject to the automobile safety and financial responsibility laws that are now in effect in all States. All this means that a farmer now has a greater chance of becoming involved in a lawsuit than in the past. Because of the greater net worth of many farmers, which resulted partly from higher prices in the 1940’s and later, a farmer stands to lose more if he is summoned to court. An adverse court judgment could mean the loss of lifetime savings. Liability insurance is therefore more necessary now than ever before.


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