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With the objective of establishing the value of the productive and reproductive indicators in goats of the Mixteca Poblana, in Mexico, an investigation was carried out with a group of producers with the zootechnical objective of meat production, located in the Rural Development District 07- Tecamachalco. The group of producers of goat meat, was constituted by 24 producers, which are located in three municipalities of the state of Puebla: Ixcaquixtla (4.16%), Tepexi de Rodríguez (20.8%) and Molcaxac (75%), this being a group territorial of the Mixteca Poblana. The three municipalities are adjoining and are connected by the state highway Acatlán de Osorio - La Colorada. The weight indicators of the goats at first service, distribution of births in the year, main diseases, gestation rate (%), prolificity (Number of offspring by birth), abortions (%), age at first birth (months) were measured, age calculated at puberty (months), weight at first breeding (kg); as well as weight at birth (kg), weight at weaning (kg), daily weight gain (g) from birth to 90 days and body condition on a scale of 1 to 5. It was concluded that the indicators obtained are mostly limited, below those registered in units of commercial production, but that its utility lies in generating information to carry out evaluative activities in family livestock goat units and that improvement goals must be established considering their reality, based on the information obtained in the caprine units of the region and not compared with intensive production units or located in different latitudes.


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