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Excerpts from the report Summary: A study was undertaken to measure the amount and cost of rewrapping required for prepackaged meats, poultry, and cheese and to find the reasons why rewrapping was necessary. This study is one of a series designed to aid retail store operators in the handling of prepackaged foods. Reduction of the amount of rewrapping required would reduce the cost of retailing foods and help to hold down the cost of marketing farm products. Such a reduction in costs normally permits either lower prices to the consumer, or higher prices to the producer, or the provision of additional services to the consumer without extra costs. Observations of the time required to rewrap previously packaged meat were made in three Washington, D. C., supermarkets which have self-service meat departments. Reasons for rewrapping, as well as the cost of rewrapping, were obtained for 4 weeks in each of two supermarkets, and for 2 weeks in a third, during the period April 10 through June 24, 1950. This information was obtained for all the various cuts of the principal types of meat, as well as for poultry and cheese.


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