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The aim of the study was an attempt at evaluating the level of agricultural farm structure between 1970-2016 in France. The country is a major player on European agricultural markets and possesses significant farmland resources. The main purpose of the study was to determine the share and dynamics in selected area farm groups in the process of farm area changes. The number of farms between 1970-2016 decreased from 1.58 million to 0.46 million (over 1.12 million lost), while the area occupied by these farms decreased from 29.9 million ha to 27.8 million ha (over 2 million ha lost). At the same time, the average farm size increased from 18.8 to 60.9 ha. The share of farms by their number increased most significantly in area groups above 100 ha, while their share in utilized agricultural area increased less significantly. The highest decrease in farm number and occupied area was noted at farms of up to 50 ha. Moreover, the results of surveys conducted in 61 agricultural farms confirmed advanced land concentration processes in French agriculture. Significant pressure of land competition were noted among large farms. Due to general statistical data the dynamics of farm structure change may be classified as relatively high.


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