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The aim of the study was to identify pro-ecological behaviors undertaken by students of the Faculty of Economics of WULS-SGGW and the problems accompanying such activities, as well as to assess the behavior of family and friends and the approach of decision-makers to environmental issues. The survey technique was used in the research. The sample consisted of 119 respondents from all degrees, forms and fields of study at the Faculty. Only half of the respondents considered themselves pro-ecological consumers. Students also assessed their families more favorably than their friends in this respect. However, a much larger percentage of the sample participants declared that they regularly undertook specific activities in this area, the most popular of which were reusing plastic bags during shopping and the use of public transport. The least often, students decided to buy organic food and industrial ecological products. There were some significant differences in the declarations of men and women. Students of the Faculty of Economics of WULS-SGGW in their behavior and frequency did not differ significantly from their Polish peers. The main barrier to their pro-ecological behavior was the high cost of ecological goods.


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