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The aim of the article is to present the method and results obtained by the SURE-Farm project in the process of evaluating the Polish horticulture farming system through the prism of the importance and performance of private and public functions delivered by it. Based on the FoPIASure-Farm method, analysis proceeds with an evaluation of the importance and performance of functions delivered by the farming system. According to the method, four private and four public functions were assessed, while respondents included farmers, state and local authorities, as well as other actors relevant for the development of agriculture. Stakeholder opinions reveal price levels and income as being the most important indicators for the assessment of private functions delivered by the horticulture farming system in Poland, yet assess their performance as lower than average, with a tendency for being poor. Public functions of the farming system, on the contrary, are perceived by stakeholders as less important, yet satisfaction from their delivery is greater compared to private functions.


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