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The aim of the study is the assessment of the management effectiveness of production resources on farms of various sizes specializing in beef cattle production against the background of total results in farms covered by agricultural accounting in the FADN system in 2017. The assessment was carried out in terms of organization and the intensity of production, production and economic results as well as the efficiency of resource management. Production intensity on farms focused on beef cattle production was found to be clearly lower, therefore, productivity and profitability settled on a low level. For most farms specializing in beef cattle production, subsidies determined income, however, when their size increased, the share of subsidies in income generally dropped. Decreasing cost-intensity in production caused it. Accordingly, along with an increase in the size of the compared farm groups, the differences in the level of income and economic efficiency of resource management clearly decreased. Therefore, it can be assumed that the increase of farm size specializing in beef cattle production is a way to improve effectiveness, especially the economic effectiveness of resource management.


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