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. The aim of this research was to identify and assess the impact of chosen aspects of farmland lease on the functioning of homesteads in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship. It was achieved through an opinion poll carried out with the use of questionnaires among 101 leaseholders and purchasers from the region of Warmia and Masuria. By the end of 2017, over 4.74 mln ha of land was purchased by the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury (APAoST). The lands of the State Treasury were spatially diverse but the majority was located in north-west Poland. Firstly, they underwent a process of management privatization (administration and lease), and later proprietorial privatization (sale). At the end of 2017, 3,4m ha of purchased lands were permanently managed, the majority of which (80.4%) were sold. The Treasury still owns 1.4 mln ha of lands and leases 1.03 mln ha of it, 11.8% of which is located in the Warmia and Masuria Province. The decision on the form of cultivating the farmlands (lease/ purchase) was determined financially (mostly mortgages and private funds), whereas their development and functioning were mostly determined by resources (area and quality of farmland, machinery park), price of farmland, profitability of production, and demand for farm produce. The possible development of homesteads was strongly impacted by a financial barrier, which resulted from the availability of funds needed, liabilities, legal-formal regulations regarding the purchase/lease of agricultural properties, lease rent, and instalments for purchased land.


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