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The study assesses the use of social media by rural residents. The study was conducted in Lublin county in 2016. Residents of rural areas (especially farmers) are a social group perceived to be the least technologically developed, the latest in adopting innovations and least advanced in using electronic devices. However, in recent years, differences between city dwellers and rural area inhabitants have been decreasing. Until today, in Poland, not all residents of rural areas have telephones or internet access. The explanation could be that their work does not involve using a computer as in the case of, for example, an insurance agent, architect or journalist. It was found that differences in the category of household equipment involving the possession of a computer and access to the Internet are diminishing – the largest increase has been recorded in recent years in the scope of access to broadband Internet. In the study, a visible relationship between the use of social media and the education of respondents was observed.


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