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Prices and spreads are presented for Washington Red Delicious apples, eastern Red Delicious apples, midwestern Jonathan apples, Washington Winesap apples, Florida grapefruit, California Thompson Seedless grapes, California lemons, Florida oranges, California navel oranges, and California Valencia oranges, all sold fresh in major markets for six marketing seasons -- 1967/68 to 1972/73. Prices and spreads for 1973/74 are also presented for Florida grapefruit, and all apples, and oranges except California Valencia. Seasonal average retail price, shipping point price, and the total marketing spread for all fruits covered increased during 1967/68-1972/73. The weighted average retail price increased 17 percent, from 22.4 cents a pound in 1967/68 to 26.3 cents in 1972/73. Shipping point price (grower and packer return) increased 8 percent, from 10o6 cents a pound in 1967/68 to 11.4 cents in 1972/73, The total marketing spread increased 26 percent, from 11.8 cents a pound in 1967/68 to 14.9 cents in 1972/73.


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