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The recycling of dried layer waste (DLW) as feed to livestock and poultry is examined in considerable detail, but less information is available on recycling broiler waste. The cost of pollution abatement associated with alternative poultry-waste management systems is also analyzed. The cost of producing 1 ton of DLW is $25, $30, and $46 for flock sizes of 80,000, 50,000 and 10,000 cage layers, respectively. Using available drying systems, onfarm processing and feeding of DLW do not appear to be economically feasible for the family-size (10,000 layer) operation. However, processing and feeding DLW may be feasible for the larger operations. The highest net returns are attained by the larger operations when DLW is fed at 12.5 percent of the ration. Cost analyses of the alternative methods of waste abatement show land disposal and anaerobic lagoon treatment to be the least expensive. Mechanical drying, aerobic lagoon treatment, oxidation ditch treatment, and combined anerobic-aerobic lagoon treatment fall within the intermediate cost range. Composting and incineration are the most expensive.


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