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Excerpts from the report Summary: Although chemical pesticides are used by nearly all farmers in the United States, the quantity used on farms in 1964 was about 42 percent of all pesticides produced in the country that year. The remainder was used by industry, Government, and homeowners, or was exported. The amount farmers spent for pesticides nearly tripled between 1954 and 1964. Farmers used about 458 million pounds of pesticides (technical basis, 100 percent active materials) to control crop and livestock pests in 1964. In addition, they used about 313 million pounds of petroleum as pesticidal material. Total value of these pesticides, including petroleum, amounted to about $500 million. The major share of the pesticides was used on crops--about 93 percent by weight of the technical ingredients. Livestock accounted for 3 percent of the pesticides and other uses accounted for 4 percent.


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