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Subject and purpose of work: The contemporary labour market in Poland is characterised by a large scale of migration of people, caused by the desire to find a good job. This situation is facilitated by the possibility of free movement within the European Union. The purpose of this study is to present the concept of migration, its types, causes and effects. Statistics related to the labour migration of Poles are also presented. The subject of the study is the migration activity of Poles abroad. The obtained data are presented using the descriptive method and graphical methods. Materials and methods: National literature and statistical data were used during the work on the research problem. Results: Statistics showing the scale of the migration phenomenon in Poland are presented. The research period covered the years 2013-2018. Conclusions: Over the period under consideration, the number of Poles travelling abroad for work purposes decreased. This may be due to the decreasing number of unemployed people and the lower unemployment rate in Poland. At the same time, an increasing number of job offers in the national labour market can be observed.


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