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[Objectives] This study aims to establish a simple, convenient, fast, low-cost, low-consumption and efficient method for quality control of troxerutin. [Methods] In NaAc-phosphate buffer at pH = 8, troxerutin could react with Cu2+ to form complex, which had a characteristic absorption peak at 408 nm in the ultraviolet spectrum. The content of troxerutin could be determined indirectly by measuring the absorbance of the complex. [Results] Within the linear range of 27.82 - 74.19 μg/mL, the absorbance of the complex has a good linear relationship with the concentration of troxerutin. The regression equation is A=0.011 9 C - 0. 138 4 (r = 0.999 1), and the detection limit is 1.59 μg/mL. This method is used to determine the content of troxerutin in samples from different manufacturers, and the recovery is 100.9%-102.7%. [Conclusions] The ultraviolet spectrophotometry is used in this experiment to indirectly determine the content of troxerutin by measuring the absorbance of troxerutin-Cu2+ complex, and the results are accurate, reproducible and highly precise. This method can be used for quantitative analysis of troxerutin.


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