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KEY FINDINGS -The potato taste defect (PTD) reduces the value of coffee in Africa’s Great Lakes Region, and in doing so decreases farmer incomes. -The antestia bug is an East African coffee pest that can cause up to 40% of coffee cherry loss. -While scholars have suggested that the antestia bug may cause PTD, a new study presents experimental evidence that controlling antestia reduces PTD. -This study also shows that Fastac (10% alpha-cypermethrin) and organic pyrethrum-based pesticides, when combined with pruning, are effective at controlling antestia and reducing PTD. -While the percentage of farmers using pesticide has increased since 2015, 24.41% of farmers still do not use pesticide. -Further, most farmers do not receive training on antestia control. -Policy recommendations to improve antestia and PTD control are included.


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