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The article presents changes in the value of fixed assets in relation to the amounts of subsidies directed to farms in two selected European Union countries – Poland and Spain – in the years 2004-2016. Both of these countries were selected on the basis of similar qualitative and quantitative characteristics that are characteristic of agriculture. An additional determinant of the choice of these countries was a similar economic situation before and after accession to the structures of the European Union. The article consists of an introduction, where the essence and significance of fixed assets in agriculture is presented, followed by the material and methodology of the research. A comparison of fixed assets of both countries was based on statistical data from the European Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN). Analysis of material shows that, in 2004-2016, in Poland and Spain, the value of fixed assets was strongly positively correlated with total subsidies – excluding subsidies on investment (SE605), total direct payments (SE606), subsidies on intermediate consumption (SE625) and decoupled payments (SE630). Additionally, it was determined that, in Poland and Spain, the value of fixed assets was strongly negatively correlated with total subsidies on crops (SE610) and other subsidies (SE699). The value of property, plant and equipment in Poland and Spain increased gradually during the period under review.


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