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The main objective of the research is an attempt to diagnose and evaluate the conditions for the development of non-agricultural activities in selected districts of the Warmia and Mazury Province. The survey was completed in 2018-2019 in 4 selected districts, having the potential to develop non-agricultural activities and characterized by development problems (a high unemployment rate, a relatively low share of income from non-agricultural activities and a high share of development land within the State Treasury’s resources). The number of farms covered by the survey from 4 districts was 86. Based on an analysis, it can be concluded that there is some potential, both on farms and in their surroundings, to develop non-agricultural business activity, but now exploited on a relatively low level. Farmers are engaged in a diverse array of non-agricultural businesses. Many are considering to further develop the non-agricultural businesses they conduct. This is particularly true about selling raw farm produce for processing, developing own food processing capacity, or providing agritourism services. The dominant stimulating factor was the higher amount of EU funds allocated to this purpose, in addition to simplified administrative procedures when setting up and conducting a business.


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