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The aim of the research was to determine the structure and dynamics of changes in the sources of financing fixed assets serving environmental protection in Poland. The article covers the years 2012-2013. The analysis concerned sources of financing perceived from a regional perspective, taking average dynamics of changes into account and showcasing the average share of individual sources of financing in voivodships. The support of such financing with EU funds was particularly emphasized. It was proven that, apart from own resources, public funds from the European Union budget and co- -financing from environmental funds take up a significant share in the structure of sources of financing of environmental protection. Favorable changes were observed in the financing source structure of fixed assets serving environmental protection in various regions of Poland in the analyzed period. The highest dynamics of changes in Poland and in voivodships applied to foreign funds, a consequence of using financial resources from the EU budget to improve and maintain the quality of the natural environment. A positive effect of these activities was an increase in the value of expenditures on fixed assets in environmental protection after 2004, in other words after joining the EU. This was confirmed by the growing dynamics of changes in investment outlays for fixed assets in environmental protection in Poland and individual voivodships. After 2004, the share of funds from ecological funds as well as domestic credits and loans decreased, while the share of funds from abroad increased significantly.


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