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In this article, the chosen aspects of innovativeness of food industry against other branches of low technology were discussed. The analysis of innovative potential was made with the use of the following indicators: the share of innovative active enterprises incurring expenses on innovative activity and cooperating in this range and the expenditure level attributable to the enterprise incurring expenses. The innovative position was evaluated based on share indicators of: innovative enterprises (product and process innovations), introducing marketing and organization innovations as well as those sold in 2017 and new or significantly improved products introduced to the market between 2015 and 2017. It was stated that the most innovative branches, both among the subjects of the food industry and other branches of low technology were producers of tobacco and beverages. A significantly lower level of innovativeness was characterized among producers of groceries. They took 7th place among 11 branches of the low technology sector. This tendency is stable over time, as within previous years similar results of this research problem analysis were noted.


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