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Scientific interest in short supply chains (SSC) and local food has increased in the past decade. Due to the concentration of trade, sale opportunities for small sized agricultural producers has decreased. Short supply chains can offer alternate opportunities for them in trading. Therefore, it is necessary to examine their profitability and role in rural development. In the article, producer satisfaction with marketplaces, by means of primary survey is investigated. The sample area consisted of marketplaces with different sizes and types, and were located in a 40-kilometer-radius area of the capital city, Budapest, and Gyöngyös (located in the Mátra region). Paper-questionnaires with 214 market-producers between August and December of 2018 were carried out, in 22 different places. The survey is based on conventional markets (and market-halls), producer markets, and an eco-market. Results showed that differences between producer markets and conventional ones were more determining than simple territorial differences. Differences between conventional markets of the two areas were not statistically significant. In light of the results, it is worth launching future studies or campaigns that deal with rural consumer susceptibility on producer markets. In this survey, rural producer markets – that could increase producer satisfaction – were not typical.


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