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With the advent of the information age, all walks of life have paid more and more attention to the development and application of digital technology. At the same time, the construction industry, which is a traditionally important industry, is not an exception. A series of high-tech digital technologies have been widely used in architectural design and construction, such as BIM technology, 3D printing technology, and VR technology. In view of the teaching link of architectural talent training, it is necessary to keep up with the development trend of the digital age, integrate these three kinds of technology into architectural teaching, and impart knowledge to students from planar 2D textbooks to 3D visual digital models, and further transform it from 3D digital to physical perceive or virtual simulation level, and reform teaching methods in all dimensions and in all dimensions to improve teaching effect. In this paper, the feasibility and necessity of integration of the above three architectural digital techniques into the teaching process of "building construction" from the aspects of teaching content, teaching method and teaching evaluation were discussed, and a new teaching model under the background of digital technology was proposed, which has certain teaching reference significance.


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