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In order to understand the effect of water-soluble fertilizer on the yield and quality of asparagus in greenhouse, taking conventional fertilization as a control, in the case of a decrease in total nutrient of chemical fertilizer, the application effect of humic acid-contained water-soluble fertilizer in asparagus was studied by experiment. The results show that, under the condition that the conventional fertilizer was reduced by 30% and 50%, the application of humic acid-contained water-soluble fertilizer to asparagus in greenhouse can improve the shoot length, single shoot weight, shoot diameter and shoot growth (degree of scatter) of asparagus, improve effectively the quality of asparagus (e.g. increasing the content of vitamin C and decreasing the nitrate content in asparagus shoots), and increase the yield of asparagus shoots (by 2 583 and 4 218 kg/ha compared with the conventional fertilization, with growth rates of 10.3% and 16.8%, respectively) .


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