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Carrying out health poverty alleviation and ensuring the security of basic medical care for the poor are important contents for China to implement the strategy of targeted poverty alleviation and win the battle to get rid of poverty. Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County in Yunnan Province is a national poor county integrating "nationality, poverty, mountainous area and old revolutionary base area". In recent years, based on the actual situation, Xundian County has explored an effective way of health poverty alleviation. It has effectively prevented the phenomenon of poverty caused by illness and returning to poverty due to illness, and effectively ensured that Xundian County has successfully achieved the goal of getting rid of poverty. Xundian County finally got rid of the shadow of "poverty" for more than 30 years to become one of the first batch of counties in Yunnan Province to get rid of poverty. This paper makes great efforts to analyze and summarize the specific methods, main achievements, successful experience, lessons and reference about health poverty alleviation in Xundian County. At the same time, it also studies and analyzes the main problems existing in the model, and puts forward the corresponding measures and suggestions, in order to provide a reference for health poverty alleviation in other poor areas.


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