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Agricultural land is the key to large-scale agricultural management, and the transfer price is the key to the success or failure of land transfer. At present, there are many problems in the pricing of rural land transfer in China, such as low price, random pricing, and large price difference, which seriously hinder the development of rural land transfer. Drawing lessons from the research results of domestic and foreign scholars, combined with the actual situation of rural land transfer in China, this paper analyzes the influencing factors of land transfer price in the context of rural land reform. Finally, according to the influence of different factors on the behavior of agricultural land transfer, this paper proposes establishing and perfecting the evaluation system of contracted land, perfecting the evaluation institution of transferred land assets and establishing a unified dynamic monitoring system of land transfer price in the whole country, and then driving the broad masses of farmers to get rich together, which is of great significance to achieving the revitalization of China's rural areas.


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