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Hungary and Turkey have a considerable share in world wheat markets. In 2018, Hungary’s export value of wheat and wheat flour reached to 411 million euros and it formed 32 per cent of overall cereal & milling industry export value of the country. Export value of Turkey for the same commodities was 875 million euros in the same period and it formed 77 per cent of total cereal & milling industry export value (International Trade Centre, 2019). Considering their potential and recent upward trends in trade, this study aims to determine the competitiveness of the wheat sectors in Hungary and Turkey. The study examines the competitiveness level of both countries by using Balassa’s Revealed Comparative Advantage index and Michaely index. The examination range covers the 10-year period between 2009 and 2018. Majority of data in this work was obtained and derived from International Trade Centre database. According to analysis results, Hungary has a higher degree of specialization vis-a-vis Turkey.


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